Marketing Fair Use Policy

You can advertise your residential property for up to 3 months. Commercial properties pay on a monthly basis. However, we do ask that you visit the site each week to click a button to tell us you want it to continue as people often forget to cancel an advert and continue to receive enquiries. We'll also send you an email the day before (and on the Friday before if the advert is due to end on a Sunday or Monday) with a quick link in it so that you don't have to log in, if you don't want to.

If your property advert is well written, has good photographs and is appropriately priced, you should let it quite quickly. Anything hanging around for more than a couple of weeks or so should cause you to think about your ad. Is the price too high? Maybe the photos need improving? We will periodically check your advert to see if it is generating great leads for you. If it isn't we might try to offer some suggestions to help improve your response. We also recommend (following Rightmove's suggestion) that you update your advert every 14 days; review the price, add new photos or change the description, to drive new visitors to your advert.

Unfortunately, if your ad isn't working, has received too many enquiries or if we feel it is mis-representing the property, we reserve the right to withdraw it at any time.

Most properties are let within a month, some ads stay for a second month, and we do provide facilities for you to pause your ad for example, while you reference a potential tenant, decide to redecorate or take new photos. If your ad is paused, and not being pushed out to the websites, then those days are not counted as 'active' days. However, you can only have your ad paused for a maximum of 30 days. If it is paused for more than this time, we reserve the right to terminate the marketing.

Also, if you receive more than 10 enquiries in a short period, our systems will automatically pause your advert to enable you to deal with them. We will email you if this happens. Once you have dealt with these enquiries, you have the facility to archive them and then unpause your advert. You can view any enquiries in the archive, so you can always refer back to them. We do this to prevent you from being overloaded with enquiries, which can happen at the start of an advert or when you've made an adjustment to your ad. For example, when you reduce the rent.

It is not in your interest to have an empty property as you are losing rent and paying out costs, so it is important to pause your advertising whenever it makes sense, if you have a lot of queries to process, or are referencing someone for example.

Our fee is for the placement of advertising for one property and once a property advert has been placed we are unable to offer any refunds (except for our money-back guarantee). It is also intended for the purposes of finding tenants for one tenancy on a minimum 6 month cycle. If you are letting a property on short term lets we will need to charge you more often. Contact us if you think affects you.

Other Letting Agents

We are sorry, but we can not accept advertising from other lettings or estate agents. If we later find out that you are an agent, we will end your advert and will not offer a refund.