Due to the high cost of advertising on Rightmove and Zoopla My-Let will be closing on January 31st and we are no longer able to take new adverts.

Buy your own ToLet Board

Most people find out about a property they are looking to rent by using the internet. However, a large number still see their property first by a prominent 'To-Let' board. This is because a lot of them walk or drive around the area they want to live in. Why not buy your own.

only £25

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Our To-Let Board Features

  • Shows our callcentre phone number, so yours remains private
  • Has our unique LiveText (TM) shortcode number on it
    (allowing enquirers to get on-the-spot details of your property)
  • The boards can be used with any of your properties advertised with us
  • You can move the board between properties at any time
  • Actual size: 80cm x 60cm (approx 31.5 x 23.5 inches)

What is LiveText? (TM)

The my-let tolet board 'LiveText' service tells prospective tenants what they want to know most about your property when they see the To-Let board outside. They already know where it is and what the area is like, after all they are there. What they most want to know is how much is the rent? and how many bedrooms does it have?

By sending a text message to the shortcode number on the board (Not a premium-rate service), they'll receive a text message back with this information PLUS the address and postcode of your property, so that they have it handy on their phone when they get home and can later find it on Rightmove AND our phone number, so they can call us to enquire about a viewing. The LiveText service also sends you a message giving you the number of the person who enquired.

Try it yourself: Text "mylet 101" to 60070 and see for yourself the power of 'LiveText' in action. You'll get a text back telling you about a property in Imaginary street.

How it Works


Add a board to your basket

Click the button on this page (or on the products page) and pay for it with your advert choice. You can purchase one separately if you decide to buy a board for already-running adverts. We'll then post it out to you (recording the unique board number against your account).


Erect your board

Erect your To-let board at the property; taking care to ensure that there are no special restrictions in the area. Then on your property page on your my-let account, select the board number you have erected. You can have several boards and move them around the properties in your portfolio as you advertise them. There is no extra charge for the 'LiveText' service. It comes free as part of the marketing.


Receive enquiries

When people see your board, they will either call our National Enquiry Number and our staff will pass the message on to you or they will use our 'LiveText' service to receive more information about the property and we'll send you their number.


Remove your board

When you've found a tenant (usually after they sign the contract) remove the To-Let Board. Keep it safe and use it for your next advert.